Financial Independence

Financial Independence

We strive to promote financial stability and independence among working families. Comprehensive research drives our efforts to ensure individuals...

  • Have a job with adequate income
  • Have access to work supports
  • Have financial literacy and savings
  • Have access to affordable housing


We strive to foster improved health and well-being, with an emphasis on proactive, preventative action. Comprehensive research drives our efforts to ensure individuals ...

  • Have access to quality, affordable health care coverage
  • Have access to preventative medical and dental services
  • Make healthy choices by eating right, regularly exercising and being free of harmful substances
  • Have healthy, safe and nurturing relationships (free from abuse and violence)
  • Have quality mental health support


We strive to help youth achieve their potential. Comprehensive research drives our efforts to ensure they ...

  • Enter school prepared
  • Have a stable environment
  • Succeed academically in grades K-12
  • Earn a high school diploma
  • Complete postsecondary education

Bank On Treasure Valley

Bank On Treasure Valley recognizes and addresses one of the most critical problems in our community:

The average person who doesn’t have a bank account spends 10 percent of his or her net income on alternative financial services.

Without a checking account, the most basic financial tool, unbanked families are hard-pressed to build savings and assets, and to respond to emergencies.

Bank On website    ///    VIDEO: Watch Miguel’s story 


What we offer

Through Bank On, a nonprofit program of United Way of Treasure Valley, it’s a simple process for local individuals to get connected to low-cost, starter checking, savings and loan accounts.


The steps

1) Find a class that fits into your schedule.

2) Complete three Bank On class sessions.

3) Receive your certificate.

4) Choose a participating bank or credit union close to you.

5) Start putting money back in your pocket — where it belongs.

NOTE: If you have been involved in fraudulent activity, you may not qualify for a Bank On product.


About the classes

For Bank On certification and the opportunity to set up a checking account, program participants must complete three financial education classes totaling five hours.

Register for a class here


The partners

Gold Level Sponsors

  • United Way of Treasure Valley
  • Mountain West Bank
  • Washington Trust Bank

Silver Level Sponsors

  • US Bank

Participating Sponsors

  • DL Evans Bank
  • Simplot Employees Credit Union
  • Idaho Independent Bank


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21 percent of households in Boise City – Nampa Metro area are underbanked (may have a checking or savings account but still use costly alternative financial services)

6 percent of households in Boise City – Nampa Metro area are unbanked (without a checking or savings account)

(SOURCE: Assets & Opportunity Local Data Center)