Financial Independence

We strive to promote financial stability and independence among working families. Comprehensive research drives our efforts to ensure individuals...

  • Have a job with adequate income
  • Have access to work supports
  • Have financial literacy and savings
  • Have access to affordable housing


We strive to foster improved health and well-being, with an emphasis on proactive, preventative action. Comprehensive research drives our efforts to ensure individuals ...

  • Have access to quality, affordable health care coverage
  • Have access to preventative medical and dental services
  • Make healthy choices by eating right, regularly exercising and being free of harmful substances
  • Have healthy, safe and nurturing relationships (free from abuse and violence)
  • Have quality mental health support


We strive to help youth achieve their potential. Comprehensive research drives our efforts to ensure they ...

  • Enter school prepared
  • Have a stable environment
  • Succeed academically in grades K-12
  • Earn a high school diploma
  • Complete postsecondary education

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline

After collaboration throughout the Gem State, the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline opened in November 2012 — providing much-needed support for individuals at risk for suicide.

Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


Recent success

In 2013, the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline’s first year:

— 999 total calls were fielded (400 in 4Q 2013)
— 120 military members were served.
— 64 rescue calls were received.
— 907 follow-up activities took place.


Support during critical times

The hotline offers callers:

  • Emotional support
  • Assessment of suicide risk
  • Crisis intervention to those in imminent danger
  • Linkages to local services
  • Follow-up for those who exhibit suicide risk factors


How the Hotline happened

In the 2011 Community Assessment, United Way identified suicide prevention as one of the most pressing needs in the valley because:

  • Idaho had the sixth-highest suicide rate in the U.S.
  • Suicide was the second-leading cause of death for adolescents and young adults in Idaho.
  • Idaho was the only state without its own suicide prevention hotline.

After reviewing the data, we realized collaborative action was imperative. We joined existing efforts by The Speedy Foundation and the Idaho Council on Suicide Prevention, then we engaged and mobilized nonprofits and businesses throughout the state. Soon we aligned resources including funding and manpower from multiple organizations.


Getting involved

Mountain States Group oversees Hotline operations, training volunteers — laypersons or professionals — to become qualified crisis phone workers.

Volunteers receive approximately 32 hours of training and apprenticeship and commit to one 4 ½-hour Hotline shift per week for one year.

Request a volunteer application

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There was a 22% increase in suicide from 2008 to 2009, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

(SOURCE: 2011 Community Assessment)