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P16 Caldwell Education Project

Every school in the Caldwell School District is impacted by the P16 Caldwell Education Project, a culture-changing initiative that inspires, educates and motivates children to seek education beyond high school and embrace guidance toward a meaningful career.

P16, which United Way has helped lead since 2011, also is rapidly becoming a hub for community services and ideas.


In Ada County, 35.4% of the population (25 years and older) has a bachelor's degree of higher, compared to 16.6% in Canyon County and 14.2% en Gem County.
(SOURCE: 2014 Community Assessment)

Preschool Program

YMCA staff are paid by the P16 Project to administer the Guided Discovery curriculum in preschool classes held at Wilson and Sacajawea elementary schools. Full and partial scholarships are provided for any families who need financial assistance.

Career Aspirations Program

After helping build a culture of postsecondary education expectations in the Caldwell School District, P16 now helps fund college campus tours and other special events related to career aspirations.

Caldwell Preschool Professional Development Series

P16 provides mentorship and training for 20 Caldwell-area preschool and day-care professionals. Participants attend monthly classes, during which they receive materials and training, and learn how to implement the Get Ready to Read screening tool.

Participating early-education providers include Community Council of Idaho, Turner Center, My Kiddie Korner, Head Start – Marble Front, Head Start – Happy Day, Wonder Years and Little Learners Preschool.

Caldwell Community Hub (biweekly meetings)

The P16 Caldwell Community Hub meets every other Monday at locations throughout Caldwell, with resources and ideas being shared freely. Project leader United Way of Treasure Valley has been leading these biweekly community meetings to engage and coordinate social supports, volunteers, youth programs, education providers and business partnerships of all kinds.

Funding the work

Current funders include United Way of Treasure Valley, the Whittenberger Foundation, Crookham Company, Republic Services, Caldwell Transportation Company, the City of Caldwell and many individuals.