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Bank On

Without a checking account, the most basic financial tool, unbanked families are hard-pressed to build savings and assets, and to respond to emergencies.

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What we offer

Through Bank On, a nonprofit program of United Way of Treasure Valley, it’s a simple process for local individuals to get connected to low-cost, starter checking and/or savings accounts.

The steps
1) Find a class that fits into your schedule.
2) Complete three Bank On class sessions.
3) Receive your certificate.
4) Choose a participating bank or credit union close to you.
5) Start putting money back in your pocket — where it belongs.

NOTE: If you have been involved in fraudulent activity, you may not qualify for a Bank On product.

About the classes

For Bank On certification and the opportunity to set up a checking account, program participants must complete three financial education classes totaling five hours.

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The partners

Gold Level Sponsors

United Way of Treasure Valley
Mountain West Bank

Silver Level Sponsors

Idaho Central Credit Union
US Bank
Idaho Department of Finance

Participating Sponsors

DL Evans Bank
Washington Trust Bank
Simplot Employees Credit Union
Idaho Independent Bank
Washington Federal