Bank On

It's more than financial education. It's more than a checking account. 

It is a chance for a family to keep more of their hard earned money. It's a chance to build savings. It's a chance to make informed decisions about money management. And it's just one part of United Way of Treasure Valley's work to be United for Financial Stability.

Many Treasure Valley individuals and families are underbanked or unbanked, meaning they have little or no access to checking or savings accounts. The average unbanked individual spends 10% of their net income on alternative financial services including predatory lending. That's why United Way of Treasure Valley and Washington Trust Bank united in 2012 to develop a solution, the Bank On Program. 

An individual may become underbanked or unbanked due to previous banking issues. Participants in the program receive about five hours of high quality financial education provided by banking professionals, and at the completion of the course, receive a certificate that allows them to open a checking account at a local bank or credit union. 

For more information about Bank On, or to register for a class, visit the Bank On Idaho website.

We thank our generous supporters for Joining the Community and making it possible by donating time and resources. Thank you to Mountain West Bank, Idaho Central Credit Union, US Bank, Idaho Department of Finance, D.L. Evans Bank, Washington Trust Bank, Simplot Employees Credit Union, Idaho Independent Bank, and Washington Federal.