Why non-profits should claim their listing in findhelpidaho.org

Type in the 83705 into the zip code prompt on findhelpidaho.org and more than 1,920 free and reduced programs populate in the areas of housing, food, healthcare, legal aid, job training, and more. However, only a handful of those programs are using the site as anything more than an electronic self-rescue manual. The real magic of findhelpidaho.org comes from non-profits claiming their listing.

What does claiming a listing mean? On findhelpidaho.org if you founded, run, work for, or are otherwise affiliated with a free or reduced-cost program listed on findhelpidaho.org you can claim that program. Claiming allows people who are affiliated with programs to take ownership of their program listing. Once you’ve claimed you can:

  • Make real-time edits and updates to your program’s hours, contacts, and program information
  • Respond to those seeking help and program referrals
  • Track outcomes through a closed-loop referral progress
  • Leverage reporting and analytics to support your organization.

Basically, you can make sure that the people you serve are easily able to search and connect to your program through just a few mouse clicks.

The best part? All tools for programs are free!

Visit https://www.unitedwaytv.org/help-starts-here to view our free toolkit, register for a training session and more.