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Celebrating National Boss Day with Nora Carpenter

It’s tough being the boss. They do copious amounts of behind-the-scenes work that often seems to go unappreciated, wearing every hat within an organization. But today, National Boss’s Day, is a special day when we show our bosses that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

Our CEO and president at United Way of Treasure Valley, Nora Carpenter, is the epitome of a fearless leader and we cannot thank her enough for all the work she does for us and the Treasure Valley community. She works tirelessly, fighting for the health, education and financial stability for every man, woman and child in our community, and breaking down barriers to success with every stride. Nora's accolade-filled career in the nonprofit sector has been defined by helping others succeed, from Big Brothers Big Sisters to the Better Business Bureau. 

Not only is she a great leader in the community, but she is also kind, passionate and enthusiastic about her work at the office, too. Lifting the spirits of everyone around her, she isn’t shy about letting her staff members know she appreciates them and keeps them excited about their work every single day. Nora genuinely improves the lives of everyone she meets. So thank you, Nora, and thank you to all the amazing bosses out there who work tirelessly for the staffs they lead. Today, and every day, we appreciate all you do for us.