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Community Schools Resources




What is a community school

What is a Community School’ one-pager

National Coalition for Community Schools ‘What is a Community School’ webpage

‘Community Schools: Transforming Struggling Schools into Thriving Schools’

Where it All Comes Together: How Partnerships Connect Communities and Schools

Video on Community Schools from National Coalition for Community Schools

NEA Video ‘Community Schools: As Unique as the Children They Serve’

Video ‘Community Schools: Transforming Children’s Lives’

Video: ‘A Day in the Life of a Community School Director’

Video – Virtual Tour of a Community School

How to start a community school

‘Community Schools Playbook’ - NCCS, IEL, CCS

‘NCCS Building Community Schools: A Guide for Action’ 

‘Community Schools, A Whole-Child Framework for School Improvement’

Community Schools Toolkit –

Community Schools Playbook, policy and implementation guide

NEA Community Schools Toolkit

Planning for School Change: School-Community Collaboration in a Full-Service Community School

NCCS Webinar: How to Start a Community School

Building a Leadership Team - NCCS

Hiring a Resource Coordinator

Stages of Development Community Schools


Untapped Resources: Leveraging ESSA and Other Federal Support for Community Schools webinar

PPT slides

Financing Community Schools, Leveraging Resources to Support Student Success document

National Coalition for Community Schools ‘Financing Your Community School’ webpage

Community School Books

Book - Inside Full-Service Community Schools

Book - Community Schools, People and Places Transforming Education and Communities

History and evidence

Community Schools: Lessons From the Past and Present document

Community Schools in Action: Lessons From a Decade of Practice (book to purchase)

Community Schools: An Evidence-Based Strategy for Equitable School Improvement

Making the Difference: Research and Practice in Community Schools

Parent Perceptions of Connectedness in a Full Service Community School

Measuring Social Return on Investment for Community Schools (NCCS)

The Enduring Appeal of Community Schools

Coordinated Strategies to Help the Whole Child: Examining the Contributions of Full-Service Community Schools

How to measure impact

Community Schools: Promoting Student Success, A Rationale and Results Framework

Stages of Development in a Community School in Seven Key Domains

Community School Standards Self Assessment – interactive self-assessment tool

How to develop effective partnerships

Co-location Toolkit by United Way of Treasure Valley

Nine Elements of Effective School Community Partnerships to Address Student Mental Health, Physical Health, Overall Wellness

Partnerships, Not Pushouts, A Guide for School Board Members: Community Partnerships for Student Success”

A Framework for More and Better Learning Through Community School Partnerships

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships: The Community Schools Strategy: interactive webpage guide

Moving from Co-location to Collaboration

Conducting Needs Assessments

Asset Assessment: Strengthening Partnerships: Community School Assessment Checklist

Self-Assessment: Community School Climate Self-Assessment Tool

Parent assessment: Sacajawea Elementary (Caldwell SD) Parent Survey (credit- Paul Webster)

Assessment toolkit: Community Needs Assessment: Overview – The Federation for Community Schools

Whole Student Whole Child Whole Community approach to Community Schools

Whole Student, Whole Child, Whole Community Framework

WSCC: A Collaborative Approach to Learning and Health

Local Health Department and School Partnerships: Working Together to Build Healthier Schools

Rural Districts

The Rural Solution: How Community Schools Can Reinvigorate Rural Education

School-Community Partnerships in Rural Schools: Leadership, Renewal, and a Sense of Place

University Assisted Community School Model

Universities and Community Schools

Resources for Colleges/Universities interested in expanding student supports for students experiencing financial instability

Beyond Financial Aid - report on financial instability in colleges and universities

Beyond Financial Aid Facilitator’s Guide - guide to leading a workshop on incorporating student support efforts

Beyond Financial Aid Action Planning Guide

How Can Communities Provide Holistic Financial Support for Low-income Students?

Attendance Supports

Present and Accounted For: Improving Student  Attendance Through Family and Community Involvement

Every Student Present 

Attendance Works 

Attendance and Community Schools

Attendance Self-Assessment

Attendance Toolkits

A Principal-Led Team Overseeing Attendance

Exercise to illustrate the attendance gap 

3 Tiers of Intervention 

Whole School Strategies that Encourage Attendance

Systems change 

School Attendance Teams: Tips for Effectiveness

Every Student Present

Present and Accounted For:

Improving Student  Attendance Through Family and Community Involvement

School Wide Attendance and Engagement Strategies

Curbing Chronic Absenteeism PPT in Community Schools

Family Engagement

NCCS Webinar: The Community Organizers - how to engage parents and begin grassroots organizing for a Community School