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Connie Hinderliter

Connie manages donor services at United Way of Treasure Valley. She’s been a part of United Way for nearly 20 years, working at a local United Way in Kansas before moving to Idaho.

She’s been donating to the United Way Community Fund for 31 years.

“My gift choice is the Community Fund because I know it will reach kids and families in all circumstances of life,” Connie says. “I can’t choose between helping some have a safe place to sleep; getting help so they can heal physically or mentally; or giving kids a chance to be cherished and have healthy food while expanding their horizons. One gift can do all of that because the Community Fund combines everyone’s donations to help the most amount of people.

“Life as we know it can change in an instant through no fault of our own, so it’s nice to know there is help available when it’s needed.”

Connie + United Way = Successful children and families.