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Denny Trumble

Denny says he’s been extremely fortunate in life – a great career, loving family, good health.  Each day, on his way to work, he would drive past a local homeless shelter, observing mostly men, many his own age, milling around waiting for breakfast. Questions began to haunt Denny.

“Why are those people there, standing in line, and I am here, having such a good life?  Why am I so fortunate?”

“I was compelled to do something, no matter how slight, to help make a small difference,” Denny says. “As I was preparing for retirement, I visited with a coworker about ways I could get involved, and she suggested exploring United Way.”

As Denny began to get involved with United Way, he experienced two major revelations: First, he had no idea the need in the Treasure Valley was so great. “This is my hometown, and I assumed everyone had as good a life as I did,” he says. And, second, Denny learned of the depth of nonprofit organizations, like United Way and its partners, that work tirelessly, day in and day out, to make a real difference in real people.

“Those in the nonprofit community are deeply driven by passion for what they do, certainly not for any personal financial gain,” he says.

Denny said he particularly loves how United Way brings people together, like nonprofits, businesses, governments, public officials and community members to create significant change in our community.

“With United Way, I hope to make at least one person’s life a little better,” Denny said.

Denny + United Way = Support for the homeless.