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Ed Schultz

Ed loves to read to his grandchildren. Whether he’s visiting them or vice versa, he always looks forward to the excitement of his grandkids when they select a book for grandpa to read.

“I read them the words and we play games searching for items on each page,” Ed said.

When Ed found out only one in 300 children in low-income households have books, he was saddened.

“It really tugged on my grandpa heart,” he said. “Every kid needs books to call their own.

” Ed was compelled to help. He volunteered with United Way’s annual Book Drive, which collected more than 70,000 books in 2016. He was in charge of collecting books from various businesses in the Treasure Valley that served as drop-off locations and delivered many books to schools, daycares and nonprofits that provided the books directly to children in need.

“United Way is so good at creating relationships with other local organizations to make good things happen,” Ed said. “I want kids to be successful in school and in life so I volunteer and give financially to the United Way Community Fund. I want every kid to have the same opportunities and encouragement that my grandkids have.”

Ed + United Way = More children reading by grade-level.