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Education Goals

United Way's Education Goals:

92+% of Treasure Valley 3rd graders score ‘proficient’ or better in state reading evaluations

90+% of low-income students (receiving free/reduced price lunch) score ‘proficient’ or better in State 3rd grade reading evaluations

70+% of Treasure Valley children enter school (kindergarten) scoring ‘at benchmark’ in State competency evaluations

Increase accessibility of existing resources through co-location, coordination, and other opportunities that decrease or remove the barriers of transportation, time and information

Increase college attainment (degree or certificate) by 25-64 year olds to 60% (TVEP and State goal)

United Way of Treasure Valley knows education is a key building block in life and can often be the best way to lead to stability for families. Much of our work and fundraising efforts focus on education, because, as a community, we simply cannot afford not to. Research shows that students who are not reading at grade-level by third grade are more likely to drop out of school. This is why United Way supports early childhood learning and literacy programs—to keep kids learning and engaged and to ultimately build an educated workforce and a stable community. 

Many children from low-income households do not have access to early learning opportunities. That’s why United Way of Treasure Valley provides funding and support for education programs like the Caldwell P16 Education Project and the Boise Pre-K Project. These programs provide high quality, guided-discovery preschool learning opportunities in areas of high need in the Treasure Valley. 

The Caldwell P16 Education Project, with support from the YMCA, Lee Pesky Learning Center and the Caldwell School District, operates in Wilson Elementary School and Sacajawea Elementary School. 

The Boise Pre-K Project, in conjunction with the City of Boise and Boise School District, operates in Whitney Elementary School and Hawthorne Elementary School in the Vista neighborhood. 

United Way also supports local education efforts through Treasure Valley Education Partnership, a collaborative effort of education stakeholders and leaders across the community who are focused on building an excellent education system. TVEP embraces the ‘cradle-to-career’ mantra, focusing on early childhood learning and literacy through college and career readiness. 

What impact has United Way made?

In 2017, United Way of Treasure Valley invested over $1 Million into local education programs and initiatives. Here are some of the highlights and outcomes from United Way’s work: