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Ericka Rupp

In the third grade, Ericka made a cooking apron in 4H. The apron was eventually stowed away, collecting dust for years, before it came back to Ericka’s life in a meaningful way during her senior year in college.

“To each person in a room, an apron could represent many things to many people—cooking, memories with a loved one, favorite foods, holidays,” she says. “I used this apron in teaching children and families and beginning a career that has led me to today. The purpose of ensuring families and children’s lives are better in Idaho has been woven into my life, personally and professionally and I am forever changed by it.”

As a volunteer and United Way Board of Directors member, Ericka sees the United Way-supported programs that make change happen, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly in our community. It’s the impact and the difference these programs in Health, Education and Financial Stability for children and families that inspire Ericka to keep giving each year.

“When you see someone become involved in United Way or contribute to a project where you see the recipients of that program impacted, you are hooked,” she says. “You get the purpose that we are called to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and by contributing to your community, everyone’s lives are better for it!”

Ericka + United Way = Hope for families.