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Health goals

United Way's Health Goals

Decrease in obesity by 5% per County

Increase residents with a medical home to 90%

Increase access to Dental services for adults and children

Increase accessibility of existing resources through co-location, coordination and other opportunities that decrease or remove the barriers of transportation, time and information

No increase in the percentage of residents reporting poor mental health days by 2017.

Decrease the percentage of residents reporting poor mental health days to 15% by 2020

Picture a three-legged stool—and health, education and financial stability represent the three legs. Together, they form the foundation for a stable life for children, individuals and families. Yet, when one leg breaks down, the whole stool can topple over. This can be especially true when families run into health issues. Without access to health supports, families can quickly face a host of challenges, from maintaining a job to attending school. This is why United Way of Treasure Valley focuses on health, to build families and children who can thrive at any stage in life.


United Way and FamilyWize have partnered to provide prescription discounts for people in the community. The FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card acts like a reusable coupon, allowing uninsured and underinsured individuals and families to receive discounts on prescription medications. More than 60,000 pharmacies voluntarily provide discounts and savings on medications to FamilyWize card participants. The FamilyWize program has helped 42,000 Treasure Valley residents save nearly $6 million over the past decade.

Download the free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card now.

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline

When United Way sees a serious problem in the community, we rally our partners in the private, public and nonprofit sectors to address it. This is evident with the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline. The 2011 United Way Community Assessment highlighted the seriousness of suicide and mental health—yet Idaho was the only state in the nation without a suicide prevention hotline. That changed when United Way of Treasure Valley stepped in and dedicated our fundraising efforts to create a resource hotline. 

The Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline was launched in November 2012, and has grown into an incredible, 24-hour resource for Idahoans. Jannus now successfully manages the Hotline. 

  • Reach the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline at (208) 398-HELP (4357).

Access to healthy foods

United Way of Treasure Valley provides funding for programs that support children across the Treasure Valley. These programs include after-school snack programs with local children’s centers such as the YMCA and the area Boys and Girls Clubs, providing healthy foods for kids. 

The 2014 Community Assessment showed that only 22.5% of Idaho youth eat the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables. United Way and our nonprofit partners are committed to improving that number. “When a child consistently receives good, hearty meals, it changes the odds of that child staying healthy, having positive interactions and learning without distractions,” said Nora Carpenter, United way of Treasure Valley CEO and president. “It’s a game-changer.” 

What impact has United Way made?

In 2017, United Way of Treasure Valley invested $717,182 into local health programs and initiatives. Here are some of the highlights and outcomes from United Way’s work: