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Idaho among top volunteering states

Volunteering is vital to the success of any community. When people give either their time or treasure, they are showing they care about the wellbeing of both their city and their fellow community members.

We are lucky here in Idaho; our neighborly community is all about helping each other out. The HuffPost ranks Idaho tied for fourth in the nation for volunteerism, with nearly 35 percent of Idahohans volunteering.

Volunteering not only improves the local community, but it is also a way to improve yourself, too! United Way Worldwide says some of the many benefits of volunteering include: 

  1. Networking  

  2. Developing new skills

  3. Enhancing your resume

  4. Meeting new people

  5. Building self-confidence

Some people believe that they do not have enough time in their life to volunteer right now, but this can actually be fixed by volunteering. According to a 2015 article in Forbes, Wharton Professor Cassie Mogilner explains that people who spend time volunteering actually end up feeling like they have more time throughout the day.

“The results show that giving your time to others can make you feel more ‘time affluent’ and less time-constrained than wasting your time, spending it on yourself, or even getting a windfall of free time,” Mogilner said. The same concept applies to donating to charity, as those who donate may ‘feel wealthier.’

While Idaho’s top-five ranking is great, there is still room for improvement. Utah leads the nation with more than 45 percent of its residents volunteering, according to Forbes.

To find your next volunteer opportunity in Idaho, visit United Way of Treasure Valley’s volunteer website, Volunteer United, at

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