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United Way, Caldwell receive national grant to address health outcomes


The City of Caldwell in partnership with the Caldwell School District and United Way of Treasure Valley was recently awarded a technical assistance grant through the National League of Cities (Youth, Education and Families Council). 

The grant invites mayors and community leaders to participate in a Mayors’ Institute to be held in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on May 2-4, 2017.  The Institute seeks to address factors that influence health outcomes where residents live, learn, work, and play through the Community Schools Strategy program.   

Sacajawea Elementary School in Caldwell is scheduled to launch plans as a community school in 2017.  The community school concept is new to Idaho and Caldwell was chosen as a demonstration location for successful collaboration for other school districts around the state.   

The grant award was based on the innovative and successful youth initiatives which have been put in place by the City of Caldwell, the Caldwell School District, and United Way of Treasure Valley.  More than 300 nonprofit organizations, faith, health, and civic organizations have come together to support the ongoing success of the “cradle to career education initiative” which commenced in 2010 by the Caldwell School District.  Mayor Nancolas indicates that the time is ripe for the City of Caldwell to now expand into the community school process. 



Debbie Geyer 

Caldwell City Clerk 

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