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Donna Johnson

Each year, children all across the Treasure Valley attend school with tooth aches. Many can’t focus on learning in the classroom because their mouths hurt as their families do not have access to dental care.

Donna wants to change that. As a part of Miles of Smiles, a mobile dental truck that visits local schools to provide free oral care for children and remove the barrier of transportation and cost, Donna and United Way are making a difference.

“The impact of the partnership between United Way and Miles of Smiles can make in a child’s life has been proven for the last 10 years in the Treasure Valley,” Donna said. “Children deserve a healthy smile to ensure their success in school and their overall health. The Miles of Smiles mobile clinic is committed to the well-being of children and their overall health, just as United Way is.”

Through donations to the United Way Community Fund, United Way and Miles of Smiles help more than 2,000 local children receive free dental care at their schools each year. Exams, teeth cleanings, fluoride applications, fillings, extractions, nutritional guidance, and home care instruction are given to each child.

“Children are given the opportunity to be in the classroom to learn while having ideal oral health,” Donna said. “I love United Way because we share the vision and dedicated to make a difference in our community and to impact the life of a child so that they too can create a future of giving back to society.”

Donna + United Way = Healthy smiles for children.