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Scott Curtis

As a former teacher and current YMCA employee, Scott understands the possibilities of United Way’s partnerships. Scott first became involved with United Way as a math teacher in 1997. That involvement grew in 2005 when he joined the Treasure Valley YMCA, a key partner of United Way.

“United Way makes it possible for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, to participate in the life-changing YMCA childhood development programs,” Scott said. “Our preschool programs nurture children from infants onward, developing their social and emotional skills while preparing them academically for success in school. Our school age programs provide the caring adults, consistent structure, physical activity and social environment to develop all aspects of these young persons,

“We couldn’t do that work without the support of United Way.”

Scott is a passionate community leader and champion of children. He’s also a strong supporter of United Way of Treasure Valley’s ability to fundraise and use the donations effectively to support children and families locally.

“United Way provides organizational oversight that convinces potential donors and companies their donations are having an impact,” Scott said.

Scott + United Way = Every child noticed, nurtured and celebrated.