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Shanna Endow

Shanna serves the community as the retail donation manager at Easter Seals-Goodwill, a key partner of United Way’s Children’s Book Drive, which is a statewide book drive each spring that allows community members to recycle gently-used children’s books and get them into the hands of children who need them. Shanna is a big fan of collaboration for the greater good.

“Anytime there is an opportunity to create a greater impact together I’m for it,” she says. “This is why I feel the partnership between Easter Seals-Goodwill and United Way’s Children’s Book Drive is so powerful.”

The Easter Seals-Goodwill mission states: “Together, we create opportunities that change lives.” Easter Seals-Goodwill and United Way, together, are doing just that.

“By providing books and other resources to United Way, we are helping combat summer reading loss in Idaho’s kids. Long-term we can see this work fostering confident children and a stronger community.

“Easter Seals-Goodwill and United Way are stronger together than we are apart.”

Shanna + United Way = Confident children, ready to learn.