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A THANK YOU From Our Friend, Laura Cobb

Laura Cobb, Vice President Public Relations and Community Development, Citi, is a Community Champion with a capitol “C.” A decades-long United Way of Treasure Valley supporter, Laura is especially passionate about helping children and families. From coordinating the most successful Community Fund campaigns for her awesome Citi teammates, to building hygiene kits for homeless students, to skillfully flipping pancakes for thousands of hungry Flapjack Feed attendees, Laura is a dedicated advocate. Thank you, Laura Cobb, for your inspiration and friendship! 

"I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to United Way for their extraordinary leadership related to the COVID-19 crisis. They’ve been a frontrunner in anticipating the impact COVID-19 could potentially have on local individuals and families in our community. The actions that United Way took early on have helped the Treasure Valley stay ahead of the curve as we collectively prepared for this crisis. The resource page is an encompassing and easy to use tool for those seeking help, as is the tie-in with 211. I’m also impressed with the quick collaboration with Idaho Community Foundation and Nonprofit Center on the COVID-19 fund. It’s truly awesome to see our United Way team in action! 

I can hear you saying, “Well, this is what we do”. And, so it is. I’m of the belief however, it’s because of your strong leadership and vison, efficient collaboration, and practiced processes, that made it possible for United Way to execute on your mission quickly and at the highest level possible. For this, you deserve the acknowledgement and kudos of a job well done! Congratulations and thank you to the entire United Way team for the many outstanding ways you are helping to provide critical safety-net services to our community during these unprecedented times.”