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Theresa Browne

Theresa wants to end domestic violence. She wants to help the children and women—and men—flee from abuse and find shelter in safe, secure homes.

Theresa’s passion for helping people led her to get involved with United Way of Treasure Valley. United Way works with nonprofit organizations that provide care and support for victims of domestic violence, like the Women’s and Children’s Alliance.

“United Way works with partner agencies to help families in need have a safe place to go to, free from violence, fear and sadness—a place where safety, healing and freedom can be found and hope restored,” said Theresa, who is part of the Women United leadership committee.

Abuse victims are often forced to escape their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs and a grocery sack of basic items. This scenario, all too common, motivates Theresa to make a donation to United Way’s Community Fund, which supports nonprofit agencies that provide immediate and long-term assistance to victims of domestic abuse.

“I give to the United Way Community Fund,” Theresa said, “because 100% of donations stay local and help children, individuals and families in our community to succeed.”

Theresa + United Way = Support for victims of domestic violence.