Financial Independence

We strive to promote financial stability and independence among working families. Comprehensive research drives our efforts to ensure individuals...

  • Have a job with adequate income
  • Have access to work supports
  • Have financial literacy and savings
  • Have access to affordable housing


We strive to foster improved health and well-being, with an emphasis on proactive, preventative action. Comprehensive research drives our efforts to ensure individuals ...

  • Have access to quality, affordable health care coverage
  • Have access to preventative medical and dental services
  • Make healthy choices by eating right, regularly exercising and being free of harmful substances
  • Have healthy, safe and nurturing relationships (free from abuse and violence)
  • Have quality mental health support


We strive to help youth achieve their potential. Comprehensive research drives our efforts to ensure they ...

  • Enter school prepared
  • Have a stable environment
  • Succeed academically in grades K-12
  • Earn a high school diploma
  • Complete postsecondary education

United Way of Treasure Valley 2016 Annual Report

united way of treasure valley ceo nora carpenter boise idahoDear Friends,

At United Way of Treasure Valley, we’re in the business of removing barriers and providing opportunities to change live and strengthen our community — one child, one adult and one family at a time. We do this by taking a holistic approach to solving complex issues related to health, education and financial stability. We do not, however, do this alone. Together with donors, volunteers and partners from schools, nonprofit organizations, businesses government entities, as well as faith-based and civic groups, we are able to impact the lives of more than 300,000 people in the Treasure Valley. We do this work by assessing local needs, aligning key partners, fundraising, investing in our community, rallying volunteers, advocating, and serving as community convener.

During this period, we made huge strides in changing the odds for kids, families and individuals. I am excited for you to read through this report to see all we’ve accomplished by working together.

These triumphs belong to all of us – those who give to United Way of Treasure Valley, those who volunteer with us, and everyone who advocates for our children, families, and individuals. Thank you!


Nora J. Carpenter
President and CEO
United Way of Treasure Valley

Click here for the United Way of Treasure Valley 2016 Annual Report

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