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United Way Supports Local Nonprofits Amid a Global Pandemic

In the spring of 2020, many nonprofit organizations were faced with challenges they had never anticipated facing. United Way of Treasure Valley decided to loosen parameters during our grant season to allow our funded partners flexibility and autonomy with the dollars they were awarded. We did this so that they could support residents of the Treasure Valley facing extreme hardships in the best ways possible. Recently, Kate Nelson from Jannus's Economic Opportunity Program shared these touching sentiments:  
"We are deeply grateful for the flexibility United Way provided funded partners in 2020. It was a most challenging year to navigate. Without United Way’s support, many families would have moved from the little stability a hotel room provides to a shelter or car. We did not anticipate lending to individuals in dire financial circumstances when this program began four years ago, yet we are continually inspired by the resourcefulness of our clients. Despite an economic fallout amid a pandemic, our borrowers largely repaid their loans." 
Thanks to donations like yours, United Way of Treasure Valley is able to support organizations like Jannus's Economic Opportunity Program who, in turn, supports many families living in our community who have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.