Breaking News - Grant Outcomes!

We turn your generosity into lasting change!

Breaking News - Thanks to your support of the Community Fund, thirty-eight high-performing programs within thirty-two local partner organizations will receive grant funding during 2022-2023! These programs will create lasting and measurable change throughout the Treasure Valley.

UWTV’s community grant-making process begins with our dedicated Vision Council members. The Health, Education, Financial Stability, and Community School Vision Councils are composed of about forty-five community advocates with a passion for service.

Vision Council members do the hard work of reviewing grants and making funding recommendations to the UWTV Board of Directors. Vision Councils meet with organizations applying for grant funding, carefully review each grant application and request, and ensure that all programs are transparent, meeting goals, and making a measurable impact.

Vision Council members give of their time, expertise, and passion. They listen. They learn. They make important recommendations impacting the lives of about one of every three Treasure Valley residents.

Vision Council members are the boots-on-the-ground volunteers shaping the future!

We need people like you to join UWTV’s Health, Education, and Financial Stability Visions Councils!

To learn more about becoming a Vision Council member, please contact me directly at I look forward to connecting with you soon!