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When you partner with United Way of Treasure Valley, you create opportunities to engage your employees more deeply in our community. You activate the process of permanent, positive change. And you connect your brand to a unique, trusted nonprofit that's making a significant impact in the lives of our fellow community members.

Doing good is good for business – join us!

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Employee & Corporate Engagement

One of our most popular ways to engage is through the workplace fundraisers campaign! They are totally customizable to work at the best time and in the best way for you and your team! Workplace campaigns bring together employees in all departments of a company and give them an opportunity to donate and volunteer for causes that matter to them. More than 200 companies and organizations in the Treasure Valley host a United Way workplace campaign each year including Albertsons, Simplot, and many other medium and small businesses and organizations, too.

Collaborating with United Way of Treasure Valley provides a way for employees to improve their community. Participation in a campaign or in volunteer events can help develop teambuilding skills and boost morale as employees learn to set goals, work together, and achieve positive results!

Mission Alignment & Community Impact

Our partnership with the business community has evolved. The emphasis is no longer on fundraising an arbitrary dollar amount, but on creating long lasting partnerships across organizational boundaries throughout our community. This is where you, your business, your employees, and corporate social responsibility come in. Together, we will help you reach your CSR goals, strengthen our community, and better your business. Other ways to align and impact:

  • Customized Giving
  • Convener of community leaders for collective impact on shared goals
  • Direct impact for local community
  • Community Needs Assessment

Consumer/Community Engagement

Every company culture is different. United Way of Treasure Valley engagement opportunities are flexible and easily customized. We’ll help you tailor yours to match your corporate goals, philanthropic focus, or time and resources! Other areas of opportunity:

  • Communication, recognition, and PR
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Business partnerships

United Way of Treasure Valley can bring your entire organization together around the common goal of helping people right in our own community. Involvement with our brand boosts morale, builds teamwork and promotes positive values that enhance company culture.

Partnering with United Way has many other benefits:

  • Prominence in annual report
  • Mentions in advertising
  • Value and use of United Way brand
  • Tags and shout outs on social media

Women United

United Way of Treasure Valley's Women United group was created in 2014 to ignite the wisdom and passion of women to help low-income families and youth experiencing homelessness succeed. We provide fun, effective ways to participate in projects that improve health, educational, and economic outcomes for families in our community. More details here.

Community Cabinet

The Cabinet’s role is to generate community support for the United Way of Treasure Valley during its annual fundraising campaign. “Improving people’s lives in the Treasure Valley requires a team of committed professionals and volunteers,” said Ryan Bailey, Campaign Chair.  “At United Way, we are thrilled to have assembled a distinguished group of community leaders to help connect donors with their passion of helping others.”

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