Building Strong and Healthy Communities

Helath programs are another area of focus for United Way's work to change the odds of people in our community











By taking strategic action that does the most good for the most people, we work to address the root causes of health inequality.  We put boots on the right ground by investing in community programs that connect valuable resources to families like health services, food access, health education, mental/behavioral health services, and crises intervention. We increase accessibility of existing resources through co-location, coordination, and cost saving programs. And we turn voices into action by transforming systems and advocating for policies that promote strong and healthy communities


Health Goals
  • Helping individuals and families create and sustain healthy habits,

  • Providing access to preventative medical and dental services for low-income individuals and families; and

  • Ensuring access to appropriate behavioral health services and supports.




Health 3


Katy's Story

Katy's son was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Sensory Integration Disorder. Katy was going through a divorce and trying to take care of her children's needs. This time was emotionally difficult for the whole family, Katy felt alone, and insurance made it difficult to find a provider that could actually help. Once Katy was able to access counseling services provided by a United Way of Treasure Valley funded partner, she was able to get her child targeted care coordination and continued support for the whole family. Katy has found peace of mind and happiness. She believes the struggles her family was facing would have been much more difficult without the support they received. Her children are thriving, and she feels that the family is finally on the right track.