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Work at United Way

Work at United Way of Treasure Valley

United Way fights for the education, financial stability, health and basic needs of every person in our community. We win by Living United. By forging unlikely partnerships. By finding new solutions to old problems. By mobilizing the best resources. And inspiring individuals to join the fight against a common foe: Our community’s most daunting social crises. 
Open Position Summary: Director of Community Impact

The Director of Community Impact is our primary strategist, planner, advocate and manager of United Way of Treasure Valley’s (UWTV) most visible and critical community activities. 

This position provides prominent leadership in developing, promoting and maintaining solid community collaborations with corporations, foundations, United Way agencies, other non-profits, and state, federal and local government partners. Must have the presence, the depth and breadth of experience, and credibility to represent UWTV at all levels of our community.

The Director of Community Impact must be as skilled and comfortable coaching an individual team member as they are presenting our work and partnerships before a crowd of 200. 

This position provides executive leadership, strategy development, planning, execution and accountability for United Way’s community impact activities. Success requires a commitment to high functioning partnerships with all areas of the organization including fundraising, operations, research and data analytics, marketing, public relations, public policy and volunteerism. This person must exhibit a professional presence and encourage collaboration at all levels of the organization. The Director is responsible to ensure that data is central to developing and executing strategies.

The Purpose of Position:  

Lead and support large-scale social change efforts using a collective impact framework.

Position Overview: 

 The Director of Community Impact develops, supports, and helps manage collective impact partnerships in one or more neighborhoods or communities. She/he plays a backbone role within those partnerships – building trust and strong relationships, facilitating planning, decisions and action; fostering constant communication; connecting and aligning strategies and resources; managing staff working directly with schools and families; and inspiring innovation through the use of shared data, measurement and accountability. 

Job Dimensions/Competencies: 

There are four dimensions to this position:  strategy – planning – action - management


Organizational Strategy Leader: Works directly with the CEO, Board of Directors, key staff and stakeholders to implement plans and activities that bring United Way’s organizational strategies to life.

Strategic Alignment of Programs, Strategies and Resources: Develop mutually reinforcing strategies for reaching and affecting all children by connecting and aligning all available programs, assets, people, and financial resources. 

Innovation and Creativity: Foster innovation and creativity within United Way and the community by encouraging new ways of thinking and working, sharing best or promising practices from others, and establishing a safe environment for risk-taking. 


Entrepreneurial Leader: Able to visual strategies and create the business plans that make them come to life.

Organized: A highly skilled at self-organization and creating systems and plans that allows multiple projects to move forward at the same time. 

Comfortable planning in a dynamic environment: Flexible and confident enough to lead planning activities within a community environment that is changing and dynamic.


Make things happen: Plays an active leadership role in bringing strategies and business plans to life.  Hands on when necessary, comfortable beginning community action even while still developing the plans.

Energy and Passion:  Comfortable making public presentations, leading groups and providing energetic and authentic communication to various stakeholders.  Is passionate about the possibilities and constantly seeks to find opportunities. 

Data Driven Shared Accountability: Establish an environment of mutual trust and accountability for results by assuring that reliable data is available and used by the partnership throughout its work.

Advocacy:  Serve as United Way’s leading policy and advocacy leader.  Coordinate and lead advocacy outreach and stakeholder engagement to advance success in our specific areas of emphasis.


Leadership: Play an adaptive leadership role within collaborative, cross-sector partnerships in order to establish a shared commitment to the vision of changing the odds for all children in specific communities. 

Team Leader and Manager:  Key member of the senior management team.  Supportive and engaged manager, willing to work alongside team members to develop their talents to succeed in their roles.

Trusting and Strong Relationships: Build trust and commitment among partners to work together for the long-term vision in which every child is healthy, achieves academic success through college, and lives within a financially stable family. 

Grant & Project Oversight: Familiar with management of large grants including reporting, budgets and activity oversight

Internal Collaboration: Work collaboratively with the Community Impact team, and with the Resource Development and Engagement Departments to communicate the impact of UWTV initiatives to corporate and individual donors, as well as the broader community, and to raise resources by writing grant proposals and making presentations to individuals and groups. 

Collaborative Facilitation and Action: Facilitate discussions, plans, and action to help move partnerships forward in accomplishing both short-term tasks and long-term results. 

Constant Communication: Maintain an environment of constant and open communication among all partners. 

Data Driven Shared Accountability: Establish an environment of mutual trust and accountability for results by assuring that reliable data is available and used by the partnership throughout its work. 

Performs other duties as assigned. 

Professional Practice

  • Adaptability:  Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.
  • Customer Focus:  Making customers and their needs a primary focus of one’s actions; developing and sustaining productive customer relationships.
  • Managing Work:  Effectively managing one’s time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently.
  • Work Standards:  Setting high standards of performance for self and others; assuming responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks; self-imposing standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed.
  • Communication:  Clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.
  • Quality Orientation: Accomplishing tasks by considering all areas involved, no matter how small; showing concern for all aspects of the job; accurately checking processes and tasks.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Education, Public Health, Public Administration, Business, Collaborative Practice or related field required.

Demonstrable experience leading complex projects to success.

Experience building coalitions, collaborations or successfully organizing working partnerships with various stakeholders.

Experience working within the ‘Collective Impact’ model preferred.

Excellent project management skills.

Highly skilled communicator.

Excellent self-motivation.

Personnel management experience a plus.

Additional information:

  • Knowledge of office safety and ergonomics.
  • Requires working in an office environment including sitting, bending, reaching, speaking and walking. 
  • Ability to speak and hear on the telephone and in person.
  • Some public speaking will be required.
  • Able to safely lift up to 25 pounds.
  • Able to sit or stand for extended periods of time.
  • Occasional use of a personal vehicle for transport of supplies and to attend offsite meetings may be requested.
  • Able to work outside usual office business hours may be required from time to time.

Department:  Community Impact

Reports to: President/CEO

Wage Range: $65,000 – $80,000 DOE, plus excellent benefit package 

Apply: Email a resume and cover letter or video to Claudia at

Position Updated  3/17