Celebrating Early Visionaries in Transforming Communities

Nora and ToddIn the wake of our recent $46 million Full Service Community Schools grant award from the U.S. Department of Education for the Idaho Coalition for Community Schools, United Way of Treasure Valley extends heartfelt appreciation to the early supporters whose pioneering efforts paved the way for our Collective Impact approach to community transformation. 

Gathered for a round table discussion with roughly 20 community leaders, we honored their invaluable contributions that have provided the foundation for key initiatives that have driven significant change and ultimately led to the adoption of the Community School Strategy in Idaho. 

Over a decade ago, these visionaries planted seeds of change, envisioning a future where every Idaho child has access to quality education and support. Their unwavering focus on needs, not obstacles, propelled us forward, inspiring us to aim higher. 

Megan Remaley, Director of Community Impact at United Way, shares, "It was a joy to celebrate the early vision and impactful collaboration of so many community partners who have made our work possible to create communities where all kids can thrive. Their contributions have opened doors to brighter futures, and we're deeply appreciative." 

As we celebrate, we acknowledge the passion and perseverance that forged our success. Their legacy thrives in every student's success story and uplifted family. "No change is possible without those who are bold enough to say 'yes' when there is an opportunity to try something new," says Nora J. Carpenter, CEO Emeritus of United Way of Treasure Valley. 

In paying homage to our early partners, we pledge to carry forward their torch of progress. The "Promise Partnership" Founding Five--including Gardner Company, Zions Bank, Albertsons, St. Luke's, and Saint Alphonsus--seeded time, talent, and resources over three years to get the program off the ground. Later, Trinity Health Promise Partners, City of Caldwell, CapEd CU, and numerous other funders contributed their collective resources over five years to resources over the last five years that have driven us to new opportunities, including the development of the Idaho Coalition for Community Schools. 

Together, we stand as a testament to the power of vision, perseverance, and collective action. Here's to our early pioneers – architects of our success, whose inspiration will echo for generations to come. Thank you for your early example of the power of collaboration in making transformational work possible! 

If you are interested in learning more about how you and your company can get involved with initiatives like this at United Way of Treasure Valley, please don’t hesitate to contact Shawn Reilly, Director of Resources & Community Engagement, at sreilly@unitedwaytv.org.