Meet Nora Carpenter, President & CEO of UWTV

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Meet Nora Carpenter, President & CEO of UWTV!

How long have you been with our organization?

"I have had the honor of leading United Way of Treasure Valley for 10 years. I joined just as the realities of the Great Recession were becoming very real for Idaho and our hard-working families."

What do you love most about our organization?

"I LOVE getting to be a ‘Community Change Geek!’ Working to fundamentally change the systems that create inequity, into systems that lead to equity and opportunity is AMAZING. It is slow work to be sure. The routes of community change take patience and persistence and I am not a patient person. But it’s worth the effort and steady focus on what is possible every day. I listen for stories of personal change that are actually stories of our community changing how we help people in better, more effective ways. I do a little happy dance every time I hear of women and families moving beyond survival to stability."

What would you say to anyone who is on the fence about becoming involved or becoming a donor?

So here’s the deal about deciding to make a monetary gift. Make it mean something. What I love about giving to United Way is that my gift becomes magnified thousands of times because my gift joins your gift, and her gift, and so on. I can make big community impact. I can make life-changing impact. I can actually make a difference by uniting with other strong and dedicated women, not matter how much I have to donate."