The Role of a Community School Coordinator

Community School CoordinatorDuring the week of September 19th - 23rd, United Way of Treasure Valley celebrated National Community School Coordinator Appreciation Week alongside local school partners. Goody bags and appreciation cards went out to 35 Community School (CS) Coordinators throughout the state to recognize the hard work and dedication of these individuals. The role of CS Coordinators is different from that of a school teacher, counselor, or principal and thus, tend to be less well known.

One of the foundational parts of the CS Coordinator role is to build relationships with students, staff, families, organizations, and service providers in the community. The Coordinator is responsible for brokering and sustaining partnerships that align with the vision at their particular site. Partnerships fall under the Four Pillars of Community Schools. CS Coordinators work alongside school administrators, teachers, counselors, and nurses to organize existing resources, programs, and opportunities around student success. This unique job requires adaptability, strategic thinking, and leadership.

Community Schools are local, data-driven initiatives, and the CS Coordinator role is essential to ensuring that intentional decisions are made every step of the way, keeping children at the center of the work. This role is incredibly rewarding and important, but not without its challenges. United Way of Treasure Valley facilitates a Community Schools Learning Network to support professional development and offer peer support for Idaho’s CS Coordinators. To learn more about the network or the role of the CS Coordinator, please contact Hayley Regan at