Sati's Story


Sati was stable.  

Then she met someone who changed that.  

In the beginning, she was flooded with affection, but it quickly turned toxic and eventually jeopardized her housing.  

Sati ended up losing her home. She and her son began living in their car.  

With no one in the area to turn to besides her abuser, Sati had become dependent on him. He brought danger and drugs into her life. Every day had become a nightmare. In addition to the hardship of homelessness, Sati was now also battling addiction. 

When she finally left him, Sati and her son had spent more than a year living out of their car.  

Then one day, Sati got a call; a call she had been praying for. 

It was someone calling to tell her that there was an opening in a local United Way funded shelter program and that they were ready to get her housed. 

While in the program, Sati gave birth to a daughter. She was able to gain employment. She began addition recovery and has maintained sobriety. She graduated from the program and as of today, is still stably housed. 

Thanks to people like you, Sati and her children are doing very well.  

When you give to United Way of Treasure Valley, you give families like Sati’s a chance.  

You give them a home.  

You give them hope. 

Today you have an opportunity to turn your generosity into lasting change, as we work to help families experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, food insecurity, and more.  

But we can’t do it without you. Will you give?