Thanks to You, Uncertainty Became Opportunity


Amir’s journey to Idaho was one filled with hope, courage, and determination.  

When he and his wife arrived in the US in 2022, they were met with uncertainty. But through a United Way of Treasure Valley funded program that provides opportunities for refugees to thrive in America, Amir and his wife were relocated to Idaho. 

Amir was an aspiring lawyer before the devastating fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. And just prior to that, he worked for the United States Embassy as a gardener for two years. 

The program Amir and his wife participated in included support to secure housing and complete refugee healthcare screening appointments. They received the full range of employment services and were both supported in obtaining work at a hotel together.  

Amir completed job readiness preparation and financial capabilities classes. He participated in a hospitality training program, taking advantage of every opportunity to tour different hotels and attend hiring events. The first job Amir found was as a dishwasher and he embraced the job with gratitude, knowing it could lead to more opportunities. 

Because he demonstrated his diligence and dependability, he was quickly promoted to food services and is training as a line cook. He envisions a future where he can advance quickly to working as a chef to not just support himself and his family, but to also have enough income to complete his study of law.  

Currently, Amir and his wife are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child, and thankful to be building a stable life in Idaho.