Welcome Brooke McNurlin, Community Impact Coordinator

Brooke McNurlinHow long have you been with UWTV?
My journey with UWTV began in January of 2023 when I joined as an MSW student intern. During my time as an intern, I was inspired not only by my co-workers' unwavering dedication and passion but the community members and organizations in the greater Treasure Valley region to create a safe and thriving community for all its members. I'm thrilled that I have the opportunity to continue my time at UWTV! Starting in September 2023, I'm rejoining UWTV as the Community Impact Coordinator, a role that allows me to contribute to our Community Schools initiative. It's an exciting opportunity to work hand in hand with this exceptional community once again, as we continue to build a brighter future for our youth and families together.

What are you most passionate about when comes to the work of UWTV?
As a macro social worker, I find the Community Schools strategy to be incredibly impactful, as it addresses systemic challenges and works towards holistic community transformation. However, what truly sets UWTV apart, and what ignites my enthusiasm, is our unwavering commitment to fostering a safe and supportive environment for all community members.

One of the things I love most about UWTV is our core value of continuous improvement. With my background in research and evaluation, I'm eager to contribute to our team's efforts in honing and refining our strategies. Together, we strive to deliver the most effective and evidence-based solutions that genuinely enhance the lives of our community's most vulnerable individuals.

Tell us more about you! Family, hobbies, and interests!
I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, but since 2018 I have proudly called the Treasure Valley my home! My educational journey brought me to NNU in 2018, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Social Work. I later pursued my passion for social work further by obtaining a Master's degree from the renowned Diane Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University.

Beyond my professional journey, my heart finds its greatest joy in the warmth of family, the laughter of friends, and my adorable Shih Tzu fur baby, Frankie! Even though I have graduated from school, I continue to have a passion for reading and learning new things. When it's time to unwind, I indulge in guilty pleasures like cheesy reality TV shows and snacks from Trader Joe's. When going out, I look forward to trying new restaurants with my husband or friends. I'm always eager to try something new and experience food from different cultures.