Community School Strategy

It's more than a strategy. It's more than a school.

It's a chance to help a child stay focused in class. It's a chance to help children and families succeed. And it's just one part of United Way of Treasure Valley's work to be United for Children's Success. 

The Community School Strategy helps children be more successful and families more stable by bringing the resources they need directly into support the local school, where services are more easily accessed. Increasingly, students are facing barriers outside the classroom that make it difficult for them to be successful inside the classroom. By finding the right partners to collaboratively address these barriers, schools are ensuring children and their families are supported both inside and outside the classroom. With services like preschool, afterschool programs, mentorship, flu shots, dental services, community gardens, adult education, and parenting education the Community School Strategy is redefining local schools to a community hub where the community unites to help children and families succeed.
United Way of Treasure Valley introduced the Community School Strategy to Idaho in 2015 after our Community Assessment 2014 data highlighted the need for co-located services. Since that time, over 20 schools have adopted the Community School Strategy. We host a Learning Community for Community Schools, serve as the backbone funding entity for Sacajawea Elementary Community School in Caldwell, support two other Community Schools through our Community Investments, and we connect service providers and basic needs resources to all Community Schools.
COMMUNITY SCHOOLS RESOURCE PAGE - Click here to access resources on starting or sustaining Community School work
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