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Honor those who served by supporting the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)


Today as we fly our American flags in honor of those who have served, we should not only celebrate, but also support our active duty and military veterans who put their lives on the line for our country. Policy makers can reduce the economic challenges many veterans face through expansion of the federal EITC to workers not raising children in the home and to younger adults. 


The EITC and the Child Tax Credit (CTC) make a difference in the lives of millions of working families across the country, including many service members, veterans and their families. The EITC and CTC boost incomes, help working families make ends meet and help veterans put their valuable skills to work when they return home. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought enormous damage in our nation. While there have been some recent signs of progress, many Americans are suffering from severe financial distress. The coming months will be very difficult for many Americans and their families as they try to regain their financial footing after an unforeseeable blow. It is crucial that our government play an ancillary role of providing support to those most in need, including the 20,900 veterans or active military families in Idaho who would benefit from the expansion of these tax credits. 


Tax credits for working families are one of the most effective policies available and the right thing to do for our veterans, their families, and the great state of Idaho


-Nora Carpenter, President & CEO | United Way of Treasure Valley