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The release of this ALICE Report for Idaho comes during an unprecedented crisis — the COVID-19 pandemic. While our world changed significantly in March 2020 with the impact of this global, dual health and economic crisis, ALICE remains central to the story in every U.S. county and state. The pandemic has exposed exactly the issues of economic fragility and widespread hardship that United For ALICE and the ALICE data work to reveal.
That exposure makes the ALICE data and analysis more important than ever. The ALICE Report for Idaho presents the latest ALICE data available — a point-in-time snapshot of economic conditions across the state in 2018. By showing how many Idaho households were struggling then, the ALICE Research provides the backstory for why the COVID-19 crisis is having such a devastating economic impact. The ALICE data is especially important now to help stakeholders identify the most vulnerable in their communities, and direct programming and resources to assist them throughout the pandemic and the recovery that follows. And as Idaho moves forward, this data can be used to estimate the impact of the crisis over time, providing an important baseline for changes to come.
This crisis is fast-moving and quickly evolving. To stay abreast of the impact of COVID-19 on ALICE households and their communities, visit our website at for updates.