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Our Wish For You This Thanksgiving

It's the morning of Thanksgiving and we hope that wherever you're reading this--on your phone in your warm bed, cozy on your couch with coffee, or perhaps in the car on the way to a Thanksgiving gathering, you'll stop and take stock of the things you're thankful for in your life.

Maybe it's your home which provides you warmth and safety.

Maybe it's your family who are healthy and doing well in life.

Maybe it's your job which gives you a means in which to provide.

Maybe it's your friends who support you and understand you when you need it most.

Maybe it's all those things and more. 

But what if not all those things apply to you? What if none of those things apply to you?

What if you're in the midst of trying to find a new home during a time where vacancy rates are at an all-time low?

What if someone in your family is ill?

What if your job doesn't pay enough for you to provide in the way you wish you could?

What if your friends have fallen out of touch or there is a rift that hasn't yet been mended?

What if you're dealing with mental illness and you cannot find the resources to get help?

The truth is--most of us are facing a struggle right now. If you're very very lucky, you could check off every "maybe" at the top of the list. But it's more likely you've found yourself relating to the "what-ifs" more than the "maybes". 

During this Thanksgiving, it is United Way of Treasure Valley's hope you're one of the lucky "maybe" people. But for those of you who aren't, know you are not alone. More than likely, every single one of us is fighting a battle of some sort, and for as much joy, love, and laughter as the holidays bring about, they can also bring about old memories, pain, and tears. 

This Thanksgiving, hug someone a little tighter. Hold their hand a little longer. Listen a little harder. Give a little more. Take a little less.

Make this Thanksgiving the most giving you've ever had.