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Rain, Rain...You Can Actually Stay!

Remember this post?
United Way received a shipment of boots from our amazing friends at Lone Cone after a mess-up with the printing at their factory in Asia. The boots weren’t compliant with the design and could not be sold, but United Way knew we’d find all the boots good homes! 
A local Girl Scout troop heard about the boots and asked if they could outfit each girl with a pair and call them Troop Adventure Boots! Not only did United Way provide a pair for each girl, but we provided all their siblings with a pair too! These boots made their way to their new homes just in time for a week full of Idaho rain. Check out little Ira pouncing in the puddles!
This is just one of the many reasons why local companies choose United Way as their non-profit of choice. We continue to move the needle in our community to create real lasting impact. Join us!