United Way Community School Strategy Makes a HUGE Difference For Local Family

A mother who faced a violent situation this week went to the Nampa Family Justice Center for help with housing. She and her husband and had had a recent fight where he threatened to stab her. No arrests were made, but she felt her life, as well as the lives of her children, were at risk. Nampa Family Justice Center informed her they had a four-year waiting period for help with housing. When you're in a situation where someone is threatening violence today, four years is way too long to wait.
The good people at Nampa Family Justice Center knew this woman's children go to a "Community School". A Community School is a local school who has adopted a strategy through the help and support of United Way of Treasure Valley, that helps families have easier access to resources, such as food, basic needs items, dental care, medical care, and mental health care services. They knew there was a dedicated "Community School" employee (employed by United Way of Treasure Valley but physically works in the school) who could help her with some resources. 
This mother went to the school, and the United Way of Treasure Valley employee helped her with the call to Caldwell Housing Authority. They printed out necessary information to get her access to quick, safe, secure housing, and she was also provided a gas voucher to help her with her immediate transportation needs.
United Way of Treasure Valley's Community School Strategy has allowed for there to be a place where resources can be shared and connections can be made! Do you want to help more parents gain quick and safe access to emergency housing? Donate to the Community Fund today!