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United Way - The United Way to help Federal Employees

United Way values the important contributions of all federal workers in our community. Many of these federal employees have not only served our country in various roles but are generous donors and volunteers in their own communities,” said Nora J Carpenter, United Way of Treasure Valley President & CEO. “It’s our turn to help these public servants living in Idaho. Locating resources can be challenging. Uniting community services and resources to make them easier for people to find is an important role United Way plays for our community.”   


According to, there are more than 10,000 Idahoans (federal employees) effected by the shutdown.  Most of these Idahoans are working, just without pay, many as military members.  These individuals don’t have paychecks to buy groceries, pay for gasoline, prescriptions, or other essentials.  


The Washington Post recently reported, these “excepted employees” working without pay are “typically individuals with jobs involving the safety of human life, and protection of property.”  “Excepted employees” are allowed to take outside jobs during the furlough, and file for unemployment benefits, the likely delay in approval will do little to change the circumstance of these valued community members.  


This financial challenge has led many federal employees to start crowd funding sites like Go Fund Me, where they ask friends and family to give, but donations made this way serve few.  Individuals whose friends and family live paycheck to paycheck are left without, leaving them wondering how to keep the lights on and food in their children’s mouths.


To answer this community challenge, United Way of Treasure Valley has provided a centralized online resource for federal workers during the government shutdown, as well as central location to make donations during this time.  


For decades United Way of Treasure Valley has been a leader among nonprofits helping to identify systemic factors impacting the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community.  Because of our systemic analysis and collaborative approach, we find new solutions to old problems and help to mobilize the best resources.  Instead of a shotgun approach, United Way takes a laser approach backed by data to make the most efficient use of charitable dollars, helping to make meaningful, systemic changes to the status quo.  We can’t do it alone, join us.


For Federal Workers

United Way provides federal workers, contractors and families impacted by the government shutdown with links and information to resources including:

  • Food assistance locations
  • Prescription medication discounts
  • Free Idaho State and Federal Tax filing online portal
  • Link to Idaho 211 Care Line for resources to assist with specific needs

For Community Donors

United Way provides donors with a central contribution portal.  All contributed funds remain in Idaho and will be used to support local organizations providing direct services to people in need of immediate assistance.   Additional resources will be added to the website in the coming days.  The website will remain available as long as workers need critical services.