Volunteering at United Way

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We all know volunteering is a good idea, but did you know there are many proven benefits to volunteering?

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  • Builds stronger communities
  • Helps us explore career opportunities
  • Gives us a sense of satisfaction and purpose

Volunteering with United Way

At United Way, we are the hand-raisers. We are the stop-talking, start-doing, band-together workers who believe in breaking down the silos and working together. Being a United Way volunteer means you are committed to living united in a way that works for your schedule. Life is busy, and we want to make your volunteer life rich and meaningful! Explore what we have to offer and get started today!

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Women United

United Way of Treasure Valley’s women’s group, Women United, includes women leaders of all ages, dedicated to helping children learn and increase childhood literacy rates in the Treasure Valley. Women United members take part in unique volunteering activities and high-level networking, engaging some of the valley’s most influential leaders. Learn more.