What YOUR Donations Make Possible For Kids Like This

Local student gets a hand UP from folks just like you.

This week, a student coordinator from a Canyon County school was in our pantry picking up supplies for a student in need. She had recently received an email from us letting all the local school coordinators & counselors know about the amount of food in our pantry (a lot, thanks to some generous holiday donations), and thought it was “a blessing” that we reached out. This particular school doesn't have a very high needs population but this particular student is struggling –  reaally struggling.

The coordinator shared that this young man just turned 18 and had been living with his frequently unemployed father. His mother is a drug addict and has been out of the picture for 10 years. Dad quit his job again and lost his housing so now this student is on his own. He's living in a relative’s house but has to pay rent, provide his own food and supplies, and is working, all while trying to stay in high school. The coordinator said,

This kid is months away from graduating. He can’t stop now. We have to get him across the finish line! We just have to get him to graduate! This (pointing to bags of food and hygiene items) will be so helpful in getting him there.”

He is a 4.0 student, and in order to be able to attend college, plans to join the military upon graduation. 

This young man has so much hope and promise ahead and he is right there. He is so close! And because of you, we just know he's going to make it and do amazing things with his life.

To help other young folks in our community just like this, donate here.