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Meet Joe Bedard, Campaign Cabinet Member!

Last year, we introduced you to our resurrected Campaign Cabinet! Wow, did we have a blast with this group. Such caring and motivated individuals with hearts of gold.

This year, we've said goodbye to a few old members and HELLO to some new ones! Today, we'd like to introduce you to Joe Bedard from Simplot Foods!

Tell us about being on the Campaign Cabinet. What motivated you to want to get involved?
I've been co-chair for Simplot's annual United Way Campaign for two years and continue to build a community culture within our company. Supporting the Cabinet will help both Simplot and other companies expand their community culture.
There are so many ways to give back and be involved with charitable organizations. Why do you choose United Way of Treasure Valley?
I have family who have benefitted from ALICE resources. Due to United Way and its family programs, these folks are now thriving and paying it forward. I want to see other families thrive!
Tell us a little about your role with your organization and what you do!
I support our McDonalds Global Business, Innovation and Sustainability. I also engage other areas of Simplot business units--Agribusiness, Land and Livestock, Food. I help McDonald's bring menu innovation to global consumers.
What you hope to achieve while being on the Cabinet?
Family first, food brings me joy, spending time in the corners of Idaho. Tellings stories to help folks learn and smile.