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Meet Weston Arnell, Campaign Cabinet Vice-Chair!

United Way is so lucky to have some of the most kind-hearted, giving volunteers on. the. PLANET. Weston Arnell and his entire family are just some of those volunteers! Weston, his wife, and their four little angels grace United Way consistently throughout the year by bringing donations of food to our pantry, helping us at our book drive, coming to the Mix & Mingles, and his wife is even part of Women United! If you've even been to a WU event, chances are, you've tasted some of her tasty treats. We are so pleased to have this generous mover and shaker on our Campaign Cabinet!
Tell us about being on the Campaign Cabinet. What motivated you to want to get involved?
When I moved to Boise 8 years ago, I became very excited to be part of such a special growing community and knew that I wanted to get involved. I believe that each person that lives, works and visits here, plays an essential role in this community’s future, and I want to work with other like-minded community members in helping to build a better Treasure Valley for today, tomorrow and the years to come. One way that I can be a part of this change is to volunteer my time and resources to the United Way of Treasure Valley’s Campaign Cabinet by using my skills to raise awareness and collect donations that would help build a stronger Treasure Valley. 
I volunteer because I love the feeling that I get from helping others and I love to see the ripple effect that it has as it trickles to others. I may not change the world, but I hope to brighten the future for many that need a hand in achieving their goals. Each one of us has been helped in some way before, and I believe it is our responsibility to pay it forward and help those around us. By doing so, our community also becomes stronger and a more passionate place to live.
There are so many ways to give back and be involved with charitable organizations. Why do you choose United Way?
I choose United Way because this organization has a far reach that covers multiple areas of need including Education, Health, and Financial support for many in need. By working with United Way, together we can be a mentor to a child, teach adaptive sports, grow school music programs, house and feed the homeless, provide transportation, medical care, and job opportunities to low-income community members, help establish grants to new local businesses and the list is endless. United Way touches just about every other organization in the valley, so by being part of United Way itself, I get to be a part of 200+ other amazing organizations that share the same charitable vision I have in helping Boise achieve success. 
United Way has lots of different options for volunteerism. You can donate monetarily, participate by giving of your time in hands-on community projects, or you can donate supplies/materials, and help with assembly or delivery. The opportunities are catered to everyone in all different situations. The leaders of United Way are phenomenal and are genuinely passionate about the people that live here and want to see a connection built between United Way and its community members.   
Tell us a little about your role with your organization and what you do! 
I am a Project Manager for Gardner Company and have developed residential, multi-family and senior housing, as well as office/retail space for the last 8 years. Gardner Company is a big sponsor for United Way and I love that not only do I get improve this community by the projects we build, but I also get to help the citizens by volunteering through such a great organization.      
What are you doing when you’re not working your tail off at your place of employment or for United Way?
I am a busy husband to my wife, Julianne and a father to our 4 children: Ethan, Charlotte, Olivia, and Adeline. I love to bike, golf and camp. I can be found up in the mountains 4-wheeling, fishing or biking. As a family, we love to travel and explore the great outdoors.