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"We Rise By Lifting Others"

“Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor. “ -James A. Baldwin
For so many single moms, a never-ending battle wages between finding the time and energy to raise their kids, and the demands of working to generate a sustainable income to feed and house their families.
“The pressures of a single income and the high costs of childcare mean that the risk of poverty for these families is a tragic reality.” (source
United Way knows the realities of poverty. We see it in our homeless student population and in the 40% of Idahoans living at or below the poverty line every day (ALICE). But because of the generous contributions of our donors, we’re able to help fund programs that lift families up and out of poverty. Families just like Christie’s:
“Before [this program], I lived a single life with three children. I had been abused mentally, physically, and emotionally, not only by my children’s father, but by life itself. I became homeless with my three babies, with only our self-respect, and each other. I knew that a shelter had to come next. I knew that once we had a roof over our heads, we would be fine. So I took us to a local homeless shelter. The first night was very uncomfortable and chaotic, but we made the best of what we had.
Time moved by and finally, that moment came. I got the call! My case manager told me that my family and I had been accepted into [a United Way funded] program! I sped to my babies overwhelmed with joy. I grabbed them and held onto them as tight as possible and just cried.
Then in late July of 2017, I totally found my PERFECT home. I was shaking because I honestly could not believe that on the 27th day of July 2017, after waiting, working hard, by huddling together during cold winter nights, I was finally entering our HOME! 
I’ve not only gained housing, but so much more. I’ve gained a bigger support system. Gained knowledge. I’ve gained more strength. Gained more responsibility. Learned how to budget. Worked at bettering my career. Gotten to share my deepest fears without anyone judging me or my family. I didn’t feel alone anymore. But most of all, [this program] has allowed me to put my pride away at the times I didn’t need it and accept what I do need, and that is LOVE.”
To make a donation to help support families just like Christie’s, go here.